Dodo, Dodai

DODO, DODAI dō’ dō, dō’ dī. One Dodo (דּﯴדֹ֖ו, his beloved) was the grandfather of Judge Tola of Issachar (Judg 10:1).

In the time of David a Dodo (MS B of the LXX in Chronicles has Δωδῶε, see below) was father of Eleazar, second of the three heroes of David. He distinguished himself in a battle at Pas-dammim against the Philistines, defending a plot of barley, where the Israelites left him alone, though his weary hands stuck to his sword (2 Sam 23:9, 10; 1 Chron 11:12-14). Through him God wrought great victory.

Another Dodo of Bethlehem was father of Elhanan, who belonged to David’s picked thirty heroes.

A similar name Dodai (דּﯴדַ֤י, “beloved of Yah”), from Aholah, was head of the second of twelve contingents of twenty-four thousand each whom David organized (1 Chron 27:4).