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DODAI (dō'dī). David’s captain over twenty-four thousand men whose service culminated in the second month of each year (1Chr.27.4).

DODO (dō'dō)

A man of Issachar, grandfather of the judge Tola (Judg.10.1).A son of Ahohi, and father of Eleazar the second of David’s mighty men (2Sam.23.9).A man of Bethlehem whose son Elhanan was one of David’s mighty men (2Sam.23.24).

DODAI. Alternate form of Dodo.

DODO, DODAI dō’ dō, dō’ dī. One Dodo (דּוֹדֹ֖ו, his beloved) was the grandfather of Judge Tola of Issachar (Judg 10:1).

In the time of David a Dodo (MS B of the LXX in Chronicles has Δωδω̂ε, see below) was father of Eleazar, second of the three heroes of David. He distinguished himself in a battle at Pas-dammim against the Philistines, defending a plot of barley, where the Israelites left him alone, though his weary hands stuck to his sword (2 Sam 23:9, 10; 1 Chron 11:12-14). Through him God wrought great victory.

Another Dodo of Bethlehem was father of Elhanan, who belonged to David’s picked thirty heroes.

A similar name Dodai (דּוֹדַ֤י, “beloved of Yah”), from Aholah, was head of the second of twelve contingents of twenty-four thousand each whom David organized (1 Chron 27:4).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

do’-di, do’-da-i (1Ch 27:4). See Dodo.

do’-do, (dodho, dodhay, "beloved"):

(1) The grandfather of Tola of the tribe of Issachar, one of the judges (Jud 10:1).

(2) "The Ahohite," father of Eleazar, one of David’s heroes, and (2Sa 23:9; 1Ch 11:12) himself the commander of one of the divisions of the army (1Ch 27:4).

(3) The Bethlehemite, father of Elhanan, one of David’s mighty men (2Sa 23:24; 1Ch 11:26).