DISHAN. The seventh son of Seir, the Horite (Gen.36.21).

DISHAN dī’ shăn (דִּישׁוֹן, H1913; LXX Πιεσων; a kind of antelope or mountain goat). The leader of a clan of the Horites descended from Seir (Gen 36:20-30; 1 Chron 1:38-42). His people were eventually displaced by the Edomites (Deut 2:12).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

di’-shan, di’-shon (dishan, dishon, "antelope," "pygarg"): A Horite clan, mentioned as the youngest "son" and elsewhere as the "grandson" of Seir. The form Dishon occurs several times in the list of Horite clans, together with many other totem names (Ge 36 passim; 1Ch 1:38,41). See Gray, HPN, 89.