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DINHABAH (dĭn'ha-ba). The city of a king named Bela, the first known king of Edom (Gen.36.32).

DINHABAH dĭn hə’ bə (דִּנְהָֽבָה; LXX Δενναβα; give judgment). The capital city of Bela; son of Beor; king of Edom in the period before the Israelite monarchy (Gen 36:32; 1 Chron 1:43). Outside of this reference, the site is totally unknown.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

din’-ha-ba, din-ha’-ba (dinhabhah): The royal city of Bela, son of Beor; king of Edom (Ge 36:32; 1Ch 1:43). There may be a resemblance in the name of Hodbat et-Teneib. about 8 miles East of Heshbon; but this is in the land of Moab, and probably much too far to the North. No satisfactory identification has been proposed.