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DELAIAH (dē-lā'ya, raised or freed by Jehovah)

A descendant of David (1Chr.3.1, 1Chr.3.24).A priest of David’s time and leader of the twenty-third course of temple service (1Chr.24.18).A prince who urged King Jehoiakim not to burn the sacred roll containing the prophecy of Jeremiah (Jer.36.12, Jer.36.25).Head of a tribe that returned under Zerubbabel from captivity (Ezra.2.60; Neh.7.62).The father of Shemaiah who advised Nehemiah to flee (Neh.6.10).

DELAIAH dĭ lā’ yə (דְּלָיָ֨הוּ, meaning the Lord drew up) is the name of four or five, the oldest twenty-third of twenty-four priests David organized “to come into the house of the Lord” (1 Chron 24:18, 19).

When Baruch read Jeremiah’s scroll Delaiah was one of all the princes who heard, referred to the king and one of three who urged him not to burn the inspired prophecy (Jer 36:12, 25).

1 Chronicles 3:24 has a Delaiah among seven sons of Elioenai, a descendant of Solomon.

In the return from captivity the sons of Delaiah could not prove whether they were really Israelites (Ezra 2:60; cf. Neh 7:62). Perhaps it was a different Delaiah whose son Shemaiah helped in a final effort to stop Nehemiah by closing the doors of the Temple in Jerusalem (Neh 6:10).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(delayah, "God has raised"):

(1) A descendant of David (1Ch 3:24; the King James Version "Dalaiah").

(2) One of David’s priests and leader of the 23rd course (1Ch 24:18).

(3) One of the princes who pleaded with Jehoiakim not to destroy the roll containing the prophecies of Jeremiah (Jer 36:12,25).

(4) The ancestor of a post-exilic family whose genealogy was lost (Ezr 2:60; Ne 7:62; 1 Esdras 5:37 margin). See Dalan.

(5) The father of timorous Shemaiah (Ne 6:10).