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DEDICATE, DEDICATION (קָדַשׁ, H7727, be holy, set apart, חָנַכְ, H2852, dedicate, consecrate; ἁγιάζω, G39, set apart, ἐγκαινίζω, G1590, make new, then initiate, dedicate).

Related to the ideas of dedication and devotion is the Heb. root ḥrm. The verb means “to seclude from society,” usually by complete destruction, and the noun, “a thing secluded or devoted (to God).” They were generally used of Canaanite and neighboring cities, peoples, and things, which were hostile to Israel’s religion and therefore to be exterminated or, in the case of certain objects, set apart for sacred use.

Source 2

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


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