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The word is not found in the Bible in the theological sense of God’s eternal plan for His creation although the Scriptures definitely teach God’s sovereign appointments in nature and in providence. God makes decrees (Dan 4:24; Ps 2:7) and the world is subject to them. There is a decree for the rain (Job 28:26), one for the sea and its bounds (Prov 8:29), one for the bounds of the planets (Ps 148:6). Statements like these come near to what today are referred to as the “laws of nature.”

In the NT the word δόγμα, G1504, is found in Luke 2:1 of the decree of Augustus, in Acts 17:7 of the decree of Caesar, in Acts 16:4 of the “decisions” (RSV) of the Church at the Jerusalem Council. It is also found in Ephesians 2:15 (RSV “ordinances”) and Colossians 2:14 (RSV “legal demands”) of the ordinances of the OT law.