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DARDA, DARA (dăr'da, dă'ra). A member of a noted family of wise men. He was either a son of Mahol (1Kgs.4.31) or son of Zerah (1Chr.2.6).

DARDA där də (דַּרְדַּ֖ע; LXX, Δαρδα, Gr. has several spellings), perhaps, full of wisdom; or, by change of last letter, it could be thistle).

A son of Mahol (1 Kings 4:31), a Judahite of the family of Zerah (1 Chron 2:6). The name is given as Dara in the above Chronicles reference (which could be a copyist’s error), where a fifth man, Zimri, is added and all five listed as sons of Zerah. Of the five in Chronicles, four are also named in the above Kings passage. That the Kings reference makes them sons of Mahol, and the Chronicles reference, sons of Zerah, can be explained by understanding that Mahol was their proximate father, and Zerah the Ezrahite, a remote ancestor.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(dara`). See Darda.

One of the wise men to whom Solomon is compared (1Ki 4:31). He was either a son of Mahol (ibid.) or a son of Zerah, son of Judah (1Ch 2:6, where the corresponding name in the same list is given as DARA). In rabbinic lore the name has been interpreted as dor dea, "the generation of knowledge"--the generation of the wilderness.