DANNAH (dăn'a). A mountain town given by Caleb as part of the heritage of Judah (Josh.15.49). Its location is uncertain, but it is not far from Hebron. Some authorities make it modern Idnah.

DANNAH dăn’ ə (דַּנָּ֥ה). A town of the hill country of Judah; perhaps less than five m. E of Kirjath-sepher (Debir, Josh 15:15). Location uncertain.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities in the hill country of Judah (Jos 15:49) between Socoh and Kiriath-sannah (Debir), probably Idhna--the Iedna of the Onom--8 miles W. of Hebron. See PEF, III, 305, 330.