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Daniel Ernst Jablonski

(1660-1741). Theologian, hebraist, and bishop of the Unitas Fratrum. Born at Nassenhuben, near Danzig, he studied at Frankfurt-an-der-Oder and Oxford. On the death of his father Petrus Figulus Jablonski (1670), he was chosen to succeed his maternal grandfather Comenius* as leader of the Unitas Fratrum, and he was consecrated bishop in 1699. He was appointed preacher at Magdeburg (1683), head of the United Brethren College at Lissa (1686-91), court preacher at Königsberg (1691) and Berlin (1693). When the revived Moravian Brethren sought an episcopal link with the older Brethren Church, Jablonski, assisted by Christian Sitkovius, bishop of the Polish Brethren, consecrated David Nitschmann as bishop, in Berlin (1735). He worked for the union of Lutherans and Calvinists and later sought to reform the church of Prussia by introducing the episcopate and liturgy of the Church of England. He was one of the founders of the Berlin Academy of Science, and its president in 1733.