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DANDLE. To dandle is affectionately to move a child up and down on one’s knees or in one’s arms. The word is used to tr. two Heb. words: (1) שָׁעַע, H9130, to sport, take delight in (Isa 66:12; used in KJV, ASV, RSV), LXX παρακαλέω, G4151, to comfort, and (2) טָפַח, H3253, to hold in spread hands, spread (Lam 2:22 ASV and RSV); KJV swaddled. Both contexts illustrate God’s care for His children by the loving care of a parent.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

dan’-d’-l. (sha`-osha`, a Pulpal form, from root (sha`-a`) with sense of to "be caressed"). Occurs in Isa 66:12, "shall be dandled upon the knees."