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Dan Jaan

DAN JAAN (dăn jă'ăn). A town covered by David’s census (2Sam.24.6). Hebrew dān ya‘an, “Dan played a pipe,” indicates it was a suburb of Dan. It was on the road to Ijon or Sidon (1Kgs.15.20; 2Chr.16.4).

DAN-JAAN dăn jā’ ən (דָּ֣נָה יַּ֔עַן). The KJV tr. of a locality somewhere between Gilead and Sidon, as based on the fact that David’s census takers, setting out from Aroer near the river Arnon went to Gilead, coming to this place and to Sidon’s vicinity (2 Sam 24:6). It could be the well-known Dan of Scripture (also connected with Sidon, Judg 18:28f.), but perhaps a town in Dan’s environs. Because one LXX reading of 1 Kings 15:29 and 2 Chronicles 16:4 mentions coming to Dan, and going round to Sidon, some suggest: “To Dan and Ijon (Jaan),” as the true sense. Jaan as a proper name is a possibility. RSV has “Dan.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place visited by Joab and his officers when taking the census (2Sa 24:6). It is mentioned between Gilead and Sidon. Some would identify it with Khan Danian, a ruined site North of Achzib. The text is probably corrupt. Klostermann would read "toward Da and Ijon" (compare 1Ki 15:20).