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CRESCENS (Gr. Krēskēs, increasing). One of Paul’s companions at Rome; he had departed for Galatia (2Tim.4.10).

CRESCENS krĕs’ ənz (Κρήσκης, G3206, from Lat. “growing”), companion of Paul in his last imprisonment (2 Tim 4:10). He left for “Galatia,” which could refer equally to Phrygian Galatia or Gaul. If the latter (and several MSS read “Gallia” implying it), then this, taken with Titus’ mission to Dalmatia in the same context, seems to indicate that as Paul’s life ended, his comrades were penetrating the W with the Gospel. Traditions associating Crescens with the churches of Vienne and Mayence are prob. deductions from this passage.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An assistant of Paul, mentioned in 2Ti 4:10 as having gone to Galatia. That he was one of the Seventy, and that he founded the church in Vienna in Gaul, are traditions without any trustworthy basis.