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Creeping Things

The NT usage of “creeping things” definitely includes reptiles (Rom 1:23) where images are classified as resembling man, birds, animals or reptiles (creeping things in KJV). In the cleansing of animals demonstrated on the sheet that descended in a trance to Peter there were “all kinds of animals and reptiles (creeping things in KJV) and birds of the air” (Acts 10:12).

In the fossil record, reptiles and modern insects are first apparent in the same strata and mammals in subsequent layers. Because all of these were created on the sixth day this may indicate long periods of time included in a single day of Creation.

For a detailed discussion of the insects and reptiles of the Bible see appropriate sections. Cattle and beasts of the field receive separate treatment. It is sufficient to say that the particular insects mentioned in the Bible are grass-hoppers, locusts, crickets, scale insects, moths and butterflies, flies, fleas, bees and ants. In addition to sponges, corals, molluscs, fishes, frogs and toads the Bible refers to vipers or adders, asps, serpents, and cockatrices among the poisonous reptiles and chameleons, geckos, lizards and tortoises as other reptiles.


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