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ceadda) (d.672. Bishop of Lichfield. A Northumbrian, he was with his brother Cedd* one of the twelve pupils of Aidan* on Lindisfarne. In 664 he succeeded Cedd as abbot of Lastingham, Yorkshire. Because of Wilfrid's* dallying in France when he had gone there to be consecrated as bishop of York, King Oswy of Northumbria had Chad appointed to that see. After Wilfrid's return Theodore of Tarsus, archbishop of Canterbury, ruled the appointment was irregular, and in 669 Chad returned to Lastingham. The same year, King Wulfhere of Mercia asked Theodore for a bishop, and Chad was sent. He made his see at Lichfield. Chad was noted, like many others for whom Lindisfarne was a spiritual home, for his humility, his devotion, his teaching ability, and his missionary journeys.