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The moderate party of the Hussites, also called the Utraquists. The name is derived from the Latin word for cup (calix), indicating their demand that communicants should also receive the wine in the sacrament. The Calixtine program was formulated in 1420 in the Four Articles of Prague and included as a major tenet Communion for the laity in both kinds. For a time they were united with the Taborites,* the most radical group among the Hussites, but they eventually came to an agreement with Rome in the Compacts of Prague (1433) which conceded their demand for Communion in both kinds. The agreement was later repudiated by the pope, but the Calixtines survived as a semiautonomous Bohemia national church until the Reformation, when they merged with the Protestant movement in Bohemia.

See also Utraquism.

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