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CALCOL, CHALCOL (kăl'kŏl). A son or descendant of Mahol. He was noted for his wisdom, yet Solomon was wiser than he (1Kgs.4.30-1Kgs.4.31). Calcol was also a son or descendant of Zerah (1Chr.2.6).

CALCOL kăl’ kŏl; CHALCOL kăl’ kŏl (כַּלְכֹּ֥ל meaning perhaps sustaining, from a root כול; comprehend, contain, sustain). One of the wise men whom Solomon surpassed. In 1 Kings 4:31, where KJV has Chalcol, he is called a son or descendant of Mahol; in 1 Chronicles 2:6, a son or descendant of Zerah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

kal’-kol, kal’-kol (kalkol): Mentioned in 1Ki 4:31 as one of the wise men with whom Solomon was compared. The better orthography is Calcol which the King James Version gives for the same name in 1Ch 2:6. In the former passage, Calcol is the son of Mahol, while in the latter he is called the son of Zerah of the tribe of Judah, and a brother of Heman and Ethan.