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Burnett Hillman Streeter

1874-1937. Biblical scholar. He was a member of Queen's College, Oxford, as student, fellow, and provost, during 1893-99 and 1905-37 (the intervening years being spent at Pembroke College, Oxford). In 1899 he was ordained deacon in the Church of England despite doubts about aspects of the Christian faith. A shy and retiring man, he nevertheless had great influence among students and won considerable respect from his colleagues. The liberal cast of his mind was shown by the fact that he was one of the seven contributors to Foundations (1912). In his latter years he came under the influence of Frank Buchman* and the Oxford Group,* and it was during his return from staying in Switzerland with members of the group that he was killed in an air crash. His works include Reality: A New Correlation of Science and Religion (1926) and The Buddha and the Christ (1926), but his most influential writings were on gospel criticism. His most famous work, still in wide use today, is The Four Gospels: A Study of Origins (1924). His origins were the “Four-Document Hypothesis,” the “Proto-Luke Theory,” and the demonstration of an early Caesarean text of the gospels.