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BUNNI (bŭn'ī). Three Levites mentioned in Nehemiah had this name: 1. A helper of Ezra (Neh.9.4).

2. An early dweller in Jerusalem in the fifth century b.c. (Neh.11.15).

3. One of the chief covenanters with Nehemiah (Neh.10.15).

BUNNI bun’ ī (בֻּנִּ֥י). 1. A Levite who was present at Ezra’s public reading of the law (Neh 9:4).

2. Another Levite, the father of Hashabiah (11:15 RSV, KJV, ASV); perhaps the same as 1, but 1 Chronicles 9:14 has “of the sons of” (RSV, KJV, ASV 11:15); perhaps the same as Merari” for “son of Bunni.”

3. A leader of the people who sealed the covenant (Neh 10:15).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(bunni, buni, bunni; compare BANI):

(1) A Levite (Ne 9:4). The repetition of Bani’s name in this passage is probably a scribal error. The Syriac version for the second "Bani" reads "Binnui"; but as, in Ne 10:9 and Ne 12:8, Binnui’s name comes, as here, between those of Jeshua and Kadmiel, we should substitute Binnui here for the first Bani. The Septuagint renders all three names as if the Hebrew in each case had been bene, "sons of," reducing the proper names in the verse to five. The names probably stand for chief Levitical houses rather than individuals.

(2) Another Levite, one of the overseers of the temple, father of Hashabiah, according to Ne 11:15; but, according to 1Ch 9:14, Hashabiah is "of the sons of Merari" The reading in Nehemiah is a corruption of the one in Ch.

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