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BUNDLE (צְרוֹר, H7655, bundle, parcel; bag, purse, pouch; LXX δεσμός, G1301, bond, fetter). A bundle is 1) a number of items bound together; or 2) a quantity of something folded (or doubled) and tied up: a package.

צְרֹ֣ור הַחַיִּ֗ים, bundle of the living; KJV bundle of life (1 Sam 25:29) is a figure of speech expressing perfect safety. Just as a person carries money, precious gems, etc., in a bundle close to his body (cf. Song of Solomon), so יְהוָ֣ה carries in a “bundle” close to Him all those whom He has decreed to live. This metaphor is prob. a variant of the ancient concept of “the book of the living” (Ps 69:28; cf. Exod 32:32, 33; Dan 12:1).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

bun’-d’-l: Represents in English Versions of the Bible the words tseror, from a verb meaning "cramp" "bind," etc. (Ge 42:35; 1Sa 25:29; So 1:13); tsebheth, from a verb probably meaning "to grasp" (Ru 2:16); and deseme, from deo, "to tie up," "bind," hence, literally "bundle," just as the English word is derived from "bind" (Mt 13:30); and plethos, properly "multitude." The custom of binding up precious things in bundles (compare So 1:13) is the basis of the very interesting metaphor in 1Sa 25:29: "The soul of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of life with Yahweh thy God," or perhaps better, "in the bundle of the living in the care of Yahweh"--an assurance of perfect safety.

J. R. Van Pelt