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BLT user roles

BTL users occupy different BTL user roles, which allow them to create and edit content throughout the site. Most roles require academic credentials in theology or biblical studies, which ensures that the content you find here meets the highest academic standards. Higher-level user roles moderate and manage the activity of lower-level roles. The end result is a reliable, academically credible encyclopedia of Bible knowledge. Every BTL contributor occupies one of the following roles:

Higher-ranked roles generally moderate and manage content created by lower-ranked roles, and in the case of Specialists and Professors, they often have sole ownership over particular articles. Some articles can only be edited by particular roles. All roles are able to rate each article (1 to 5 stars) and report what they perceive to be abusive information.

Applying for a Role

Each role has its own set of requirements that you must meet to become a member of that role. Anyone with an interest in helping BTL can become an Student, but the higher ranks generally require academic qualifications or the endorsement of people already holding those roles. See each role's page (below) to read about these requirements and the application procedure.

BTL Roles

Specialist Role

The Specialist Role is for people with a Ph.D. or Th.D. (or equivalent, not D.Min.) who are able to write definitive articles or moderate a collection of articles on sensitive and significant topics.

Professor Role

The Professor Role is for teachers in accredited schools. This role can create new articles and moderate changes in articles written by Editors and Students. Teachers can enlist the help of their brightest and best students in which case all work is attributed to both the Teacher and the student.

Editor Role

The Editor Role is for people with some formal education in biblical studies such as pastors and missionaries, or people who have been committed to lifelong biblical studies for some time.

Associate Editor Role

The Associate Editor Role is for learners of all types and ages who are willing to help with correcting spelling and grammar, formatting, and contributing pictures.

BTL Administrators

The role of Administrator works a bit differently; it is held by the BTL staff and site owners, and is not open to the public. Administrators focus on keeping the site organized and running smoothly, and work as needed with users to resolve questions and issues.

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