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Bronze Sea, Molten Sea

BRONZE SEA, MOLTEN SEA (יָ֧ם הַנְּחֹ֛שֶׁת, הַיָּ֖ם מוּצָ֑ק). This was a round bronze basin which stood in the court of the Solomonic Temple between the altar and the porch. It measured about 15 ft. in diameter (at the brim), 7 1/2 ft. high and 45 ft in circumference (at the brim), with a capacity of about 300 barrels. It rested on the backs of twelve bronze oxen, which in groups of three faced the four directions of the compass. It was broken up and taken by the Babylonians when Jerusalem was captured in 587 b.c. (Molten sea in 1 Kings 7:23; 2 Chron 4:2. Bronze sea in 2 Kings 25:13; 1 Chron 18:8; Jer 52:17).