Bornholmers; Bornholmians

A popular designation of the Luthersk Missionsforening i Danmark (the Danish Lutheran Mission), which is an evangelical laymen's home mission movement within the Danish national church and, at the same time a society of foreign missions. It originates from a revival movement on the island of Bornholm in the 1860s and was officially formed in 1868. The influence from the nineteenth-century Swedish spiritual leader C.O. Rosenius has been of decisive importance for the history of the Lutheran Mission. Like that of Rosenius, the preaching of the latter has been characterized by a strong emphasis upon the total depravity of man, reconciliation solely through the vicarious atonement of Christ, justification by pure and free grace and through faith alone, and sanctification, not as a condition, but as a consequence of salvation. In addition, the Lutheran Mission is characterized by a special accentuation of the spiritual gifts and the universal priesthood of all believers, and a consequent craving for full freedom for the development of autonomous and independent lay activities within the framework of the national church.