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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Occurs in the sense of scorn (Pr 9:7). In Job 31:7 (the King James Version) it is used figuratively of a moral defect; the Revised Version (British and American) has "spot." Blot out (machah, "to wipe out," exaleipho, "to smear out"), to obliterate or destroy: "That a tribe be not blotted out" (the King James Version "destroyed," Jud 21:17). To blot men out of God’s book is to cut them off by an untimely death (Ex 32:32).

Figuratively: "To blot out sin" is to forgive sin fully (Ps 51:1,9; Ac 3:19; Col 2:14). Not to blot out sin is to reserve for punishment (Ne 4:5). The names of those who inherit eternal life are not blotted out of the "book of life" (Re 3:5).

See Book of Life; Book of Remembrance; Forgiveness.