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BLACK. The tr. of various Heb. and Gr. words.

1. שָׁחֹר, H8839, black, connoting the color of horses (Zech 6:2, 6), here signifying death and famine; the color of the suitor’s locks Song of Solomon; the sunburnt look of Solomon’s beloved (1:5). The absence of black hair in leprous skin infections indicated an unhealthy state (Lev 13:31, 37).

2. שְׁחַרְחֹ֔רֶת describes the sunburnt, peeling condition of a maiden whom Solomon wooed (Song of Solomon 1:6).

3. The verb שָׁחַר, H8837, describes the state of Job’s skin as it peeled off under the ravages of the boils (Job 30:30).

4. As a verb קָדַר, H7722, describes the storm-black clouds (Jer 4:28). “I am black” (Jer 8:21 KJV) is metaphorical for “I am in mourning” (cf. Joel 2:6 KJV; Nah 2:10 KJV). It is used of Job’s unfaithful friends (6:16 KJV). It means dirty, dark, gloomy.

5. μέλας, G3506, describes the color of hair (Matt 5:36), horses (Rev 6:5), the obscuring of the sun (v. 12), and ink (2 Cor 3:3).

6. γνόφος, G1190, connotes blackness and darkness (Heb 12:18), and ζόφος, G2432, a more intense darkness. See Color, Colors.

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