BiblicalTraining's mission is to lead disciples toward spiritual growth through deep biblical understanding and practice. We offer a comprehensive education covering all the basic fields of biblical and theological content at different academic levels.
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BIblicalTraining Library Purpose and Goals

We invite you to use the material on BTL freely and, if you are qualified and share our Statement of Faith|theological commitments, to participate in the publishing process. Our goals for BTL are:


  • That it be a reliable and up-to-date source for factual information about the Bible, theology, and related disciplines.

  • That the viewpoints represented in the articles be consistent with our affirmation of the fundamental and essential truths of the Christian faith as historically understood by Christians as expressed in the Statement of Faith. Within that historic mainstream of orthodox Christian faith, we identify ourselves as evangelical Christians.

  • That all articles reflect a commitment to the Bible as the final and authoritative rule of Christian faith and practice, that is, what the Bible clearly affirms, we must also affirm.

  • That the articles recognize that even within the bounds of these commitments, there are Adiaphora|matters on which Christians disagree. Our goal is that such matters be treated with fairness and balance with the intention that the reader is given sufficient information to come to their own conclusions.

  • Finally, our goal is that those who are exploring the Christian faith would recognize that it satisfies their deepest longings and place their faith in Jesus Christ, and that those who do believe would be faithful Christians, understanding and living what they profess.

  • With these goals in mind, BTL is a moderated resource. The owners of BTL reserve for themselves the final approval of all content in this resource. If you have concerns that any content included is not consistent with the above goals, we invite you to Contact BTL|contact us with your questions and concerns.