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BETONIM (bĕt'ō-nĭm, Heb. betōnîm). A town of Gad, east of the Jordan (Josh.13.26).

BETONIM bĕt’ ə nĭm (בְּטֹנִ֑ים, meaning perhaps pistachios). Most likely modern Khirbet Batneh about sixteen m. NE of Jericho, across the Jordan. Part of the inheritance of Gad after conquest of Canaan (Josh 13:26).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

bet’-o-nim, be-to’-nim (beTonim; Botanei or Botanin): A town East of the Jordan in the territory of Gad (Jos 13:26). It may be identical with BaTneh, about 3 miles Southwest of es-SalT.