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BETH-ZECHARIAH bĕth zĕk’ ə rī’ ə (Βαιθζαχαρία, house of Zechariah, KJV BATHZACHARIAS, băth zak’ e rī’ es, ASV BETHZACHARIAS). Town about ten m. SW of Jerusalem, modern Khirbet Beit Sakaria. It is the place where Judas Maccabeus was defeated by Antiochus V (Eupator, son of Antiochus Epiphanes) shortly after the latter became king (1 Macc 6:32f.). Antiochus had brought a large, well-equipped army, including a number of elephants. After initial engagements the Jews fled from before the armed host. Josephus also describes the event (Jos. Antiq. XII, ix, 4).