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Beth Gamul

BETH GAMUL (bĕth' gā'mŭl, house of recompense). A Moabitish city (Jer.48.23). It is now identified with Khirbet Jemeil. It has been cited as a good example of an unwalled town.

BETH-GAMUL bĕth gā’ məl (בֵּ֥ית גָּמ֖וּל, LXX Jer 31:23 οἰ̂κος Γαμωλ, house of recompense). A city of Moab now identified with Khirbet el-Jemeil c. five m. E of Aroer. In Jeremiah’s oracle against Moab it is listed among the cities of the tableland of Moab upon which the judgment of God would come for the manner in which Moab treated Israel (Jer 48:23).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in Moab named with Dibon, Kiriathaim and Beth-meon (Jer 48:23). Conder places it at Umm el-Jamal, toward East of the plateau, S. of Medeba (HDB, under the word). Others (Guthe, Kurz. bib. Worterbuch, under the word; Buhl, GAP, 268, etc.) favor Jemeil, a site 6 miles East of Dhiban. Since the town is not mentioned among the cities of Israel Buhl doubts if it should be sought North of the Arnon.