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Beth Eden

BETH-EDEN bĕth e’ dən (Heb. בֵת־עֶדֶן, house of delight), a principality of a certain Aram. group situated in the watershed of the Euphrates. It was the Bīt-Adini of the Assyrian sources and apparently one of the small Neo-Aramean states which rose and thrived in the wake of the collapse of the great powers in the 9th-8th cent. b.c. Its inhabitants were to be carried off to Kir (2 Kings 19:12; Isa 37:12) as prophesied in Amos 1:5. It is possible that it is the “Eden” mentioned in Ezekiel 27:23, but the locations do not seem to coincide.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Am 1:5 King James Version, margin; English Versions of the Bible "house of Eden").

See Children of Eden.

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