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Beth Biri

BETH BIRI (bĕth' bĭr'ī, house of my creator). A town of Simeon (1Chr.4.31) in the southern part of Judah. Joshua refers to this place as Beth Lebaoth, “abode of lions,” and as Lebaoth (Josh.19.6; Josh.15.32). It has not yet been identified.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(the King James Version Beth-birei, beth-bir’-e-i) beth bir’i; oikos Braoumseoreim; 1Ch 4:31 (called in Jos 19:6, Beth-lebaoth, "abode of lions"): A site belonging to Simeon in the Negeb--unidentified.


bĕth bĭr’ ī (Heb. בֵּ֥ית בִּרְאִ֖י), a place name in the area of Simeon mentioned only in 1 Chronicles 4:31. Probably a postexilic name for the town of Beth-lebaoth (Josh 19:6).