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BETH (bĕth, house). The name by which the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is known. The Hebrew uses it also for the number two. It is the most common OT word for house. It designates a more permanent dwelling than tent. It is used often in connection with other words to form proper names, the most common of which are Bethel and Bethlehem.

BETH bĕth (ב). The second letter of the Heb. alphabet. It is used to introduce the second part of Psalm 119, where each v. of this part begins with this letter. It also came to be used for the number two (2).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. With the daghesh it is transliterated in this dictionary as "b," and, without the daghesth, as "bh" ( = "v"). It came also to be used for the number two (2) and with the dieresis for 2,000. For name, etc., see Alphabet; Bayith.

Frank E. Hirsch