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Bernhard Weiss

1827-1918. German Protestant NT scholar. He taught at the universities of Königsberg (1852-63), Keil (1863-77), and Berlin (1877-1908). Demonstrating that criticism and positive evangelical theology were not mutually exclusive, Weiss is one of a long line of conservative German scholars who have not been given the recognition they deserve. In addition to an important handbook of NT theology (1868; ET 2 vols., 1882-83), an influential NT Introduction (1886; ET 2 vols., 1889), and a Life of Jesus (2 vols., 1882; ET 3 vols., 1883-84), he wrote commentaries in the famous Meyer series on Mark and Luke (6th-9th eds., 1878-1901), John (6th-9th eds., 1880- 1902), Romans (6th-9th eds., 1881-1902), Mtthew (7th-9th eds., 1883-97), the Pastorals (5th-7th eds., 1885-1902), Hebrews (5th- 6th eds., 1888-97), epistles of John (5th-6th eds., 1888-1900), and many other commentaries. He was a strong critic of the Tendenzkritik (“tendency criticism”) of F.C. Baur* and the Tübingen scholars.