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Berekiah, Berakiah

BEREKIAH, BERAKIAH (bêr-e*ch-kī'a, Heb. Berekhyâh, Jehovah blesses). 1. One of David’s descendants (1Chr.3.20).

2. Father of Asaph the singer (1Chr.6.39).

3. A Levite dwelling in Jerusalem (1Chr.9.16).

4. A custodian of the ark (1Chr.15.23).

5. An Ephraimite who protested the sale of Hebrews to their fellows (2Chr.28.12).

6. The father of Meshullam. He was a builder during the days of Nehemiah (Neh.3.4, Neh.3.30; Neh.6.18).

7. The father of Zechariah, a prophet of the restoration (Zech.1.1, Zech.1.7).