BENO (bē'nō, Heb. benô, his son). A Levite. The son of Jaaziah (1Chr.24.26-1Chr.24.27).

BENO be’ nō (בְנֹֽו). Found only in 1 Chronicles 24:26, 27. From the context it would appear that Beno is a son of Jaaziah who is himself a descendant of Merari. BDB suggests that this word is not a proper name and should simply be tr. as “his son.” Both NEB and the Jerusalem Bible have followed this suggestion. However, the RSV and the NASB have treated the word as a proper name. The context calls for a proper name.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The son of Jaaziah of the house of Levi (1Ch 24:26,27).