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BEN-DEKER (bĕn-dĕ'ker; “Ben-dekar” in neb; “Son of Dekar” in jb and kjv). One of twelve officers, each responsible to supply food one month each year for Solomon’s household (1Kgs.4.13).

BEN-DEKER bĕn de’ kər (בֶּנ־דֶּ֛קֶר, KJV SON OF DEKAR). Listed in 1 Kings 4:9, with eleven other individuals, as a commissariat officer responsible for providing food by rota for the household of Solomon. He was in charge of the second administrative district, roughly the area of southern Dan.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The word is derived from a Hebrew root meaning "to pierce." Compare HPN, 69. One of the 12 officers who provided victuals for King Solomon and his household (1Ki 4:9).