BEN-ABINADAB (bĕne*ch-bĭn'e-dăb; kjv, “son of Abinadab”). An officer under Solomon responsible for providing the food necessary for one month of the year for the king and his household (1Kgs.4.11).

BEN-ABINADAB bĕn’ ə bĭn’ ə dăb (בֶּנ־אֲבִֽינָדָ֖ב, son of Abinadab). One of the officers under Solomon who was responsible for the provision of food one month of the year, for the king and his household. The region of Dor was his district (1 Kings 4:11). The KJV has “son of Abinadab” but without designation of which Abinadab. There were at least three Abinadabs from the period of Solomon. One was the second son of Jesse (1 Chron 2:13), David’s older brother, a second was a son of Saul (8:33) and the third was the Abinadab with whom the Ark of the covenant had been left (2 Sam 6:3). The closest family connection with Solomon would be the son of Jesse.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ben-a-bin’-a-dab, ben-ab-i-na’-dab (ben ’abhinadhabh, "son of Abinadab"): One of the "captains" of Solomon who provided for the king and his household, each for a month in the year (1Ki 4:11). His district was the region of Dor. In the King James Version he is called "the son of Abinadab." His wife was Tappath, the daughter of Solomon.