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BEER (bē'êr, Heb. be’ēr, a well)

A place where the Israelites stopped during their wilderness journey (Num.21.16), possibly the same as Beer Elim (Isa.15.8).A place to which Jotham fled from his brother Abimelech (Judg.9.21). The site is unknown.

BEER be’ ər (בְּאֵ֗ר; LXX Φρέαρ; and βαιήρ; well, cistern, usually manmade). 1. A stopping place for the wandering Israelites prob. N of the River Arnon in Moab (Num 21:16). Yahweh provided water there for the people and they brought forth a jubilant song. It was situated in a desert area seemingly not too far from Mattanah. The Beer-elim of Isaiah 15:8 may be the same place. The site has not been identified.

2. The place to which Jotham fled after declaring the parable in which he denounced his brother Abimelech’s violent seizure of power (Judg 9:21). Probably close to Mt. Gerizim. The site has not been identified.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(be’er; phrear; Latin puteus = "well"):

(1) A station on the march of the Israelites to the North of the Arnon (Nu 21:16). Here it was that they sang round the well this song: `Spring up O well; greet it with song, Well, that the princes have dug, The nobles of the people have bored, With the scepter--with their staves’ (Nu 21:16 ff). The place is not identified.

(2) The town to which Jotham fled from his brother Abimelech after declaring his parable from Mt. Gerizim (Jud 9:21). This may be identical with BEEROTH, which see.