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Beatific Vision

In heaven the just see God by direct intuition, clearly and distinctly. Knowledge so gained is called a vision because it is immediate and direct in contrast with the knowledge of God, which is attained in this life indirectly in creation. The primary object of the Beatific Vision is God as He is. In beholding God face to face the intelligence finds perfect happiness. To enable it to see God, the intellect of the blessed is supernaturally perfected by the light of glory. According to Roman Catholic theology, the Beatific Vision is the ultimate destiny of the redeemed. It is believed by some theologians that this vision is bestowed in exceptional circumstances for brief periods in this life. For example, Thomas Aquinas held that it was granted to Moses (Exod. 34:28-35) and to Paul (2 Cor. 12:2- 4).

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