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BEALOTH (bē'a-lŏth, Heb. be‘ālôth)

A town in the south of Judah (Josh.15.24).A locality in north Israel (1Kgs.4.16, Aloth in kjv and niv). The text is uncertain.

BEALOTH be’ ə lŏth (בְּעָלֹֽות; LXX A Βαλωθ, B Βαλμαιναν; mistresses, possessors). A city in the extreme S of Judah (Josh 15:24). It seems to be the same as the city called Baal (1 Chron 4:33) or Baalath-beer, Ramah of the Negeb (Josh 19:8) or Ramoth of the Negeb (1 Sam 30:27). Another place, related to the tribe of Asher, is referred to in 1 Kings 4:16.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An unidentified city of Judah in the Negeb (Jos 15:24).