Bartolomeo Platina (Bartolommeo de Sacchi)

1421- 1481. Humanist scholar and historian. Born in Piadena, Italy, he was a soldier and tutor who traveled to Florence to study Greek. In 1462 he joined the entourage of Francesco Cardinal Gonzaga in Rome, then was appointed to the College of Abbreviators by Pius II in 1464. Soon he was arrested for refusing dismissal by Paul II as a member of Pomponius Laetus's academy and a reputed pagan. Imprisoned again in 1468 for heresy and for plotting against Paul's life, he was acquitted and released in 1469. Sixtus IV named him librarian at the Vatican in 1472. His Lives of the Popes (1479), the first systematic history of the popes-by no means a dispassionate one-portrayed Paul II as an opponent of the arts.