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BALAH (bā'la, Heb. bālâh). A town in SW Palestine (Josh.19.3), called Bilhah in 1Chr.4.29. The site is unknown. It may be the same as Baalah in Judah (Josh.15.29).

BALAH bā’ lə (בָּלָ֖ה, LXX Βωλά; meaning uncertain). A city in the territory of Simeon (Josh 19:3). From the similarity of other names in the lists, it must be the same as the city of Judah called Baalah (15:29) or Bilhah (1 Chron 4:29).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

balah; Bola: A place, unidentified, in the territory of Simeon (Jos 19:3), called Bilhah in 1Ch 4:29. It may be identical with Baalah in Judah (Jos 15:29).