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BAAL-HANAN (bā'ăl-hā'năn, Baal is gracious)

The son of Acbor and king of Edom (Gen.36.38; 1Chr.1.49).An official under David (1Chr.27.28).

BAAL-HANAN bāl hā’ nən (בַּ֣עַל חָנָ֣ן, Baal is gracious). The name of two men in the OT. A king of Moab who ruled after Shaul (Gen 36:38). He is identified as a son of Achbor and was succeeded by Hadar (Hadad) (Gen 36:39). Compare 1 Chronicles 1:49, 50.

A servant of David who was in charge of David’s olive and sycamore trees in the low lands (Shephelah) (1 Chron 27:28). He was a Gederite.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ba`al chanan, ("the Lord is gracious"):

(1) A king of Edom (Ge 36:38 f; 1Ch 1:49f).

(2) A gardener in the service of David (1Ch 27:28).