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Aznoth Tabor

AZNOTH TABOR (ăz'nŏth-tā'bôr, Heb. ’aznôth tāvōr, the ears, i.e., slopes of Tabor). A place near Mount Tabor on the border of Naphtali (Josh.19.34).

AZNOTH-TABOR ăz’ nŏth tā’ bər (אַזְנֹ֣ות תָּבֹ֔ור, peaks of Tabor). A place in the SW border of Naphtali, evidently in the area of Mount Tabor (Josh 19:34). Its exact location is unknown.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place in western Naphtali, evidently in the vicinity of Mt. Tabor (Jos 19:34). The exact locality is not known.