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AZEL (ā'zĕl)

A descendant of Saul’s son Jonathan (1Chr.8.37-1Chr.8.38; 1Chr.9.43-1Chr.9.44).A place near Jerusalem (Zech.14.5).

AZEL ā’ zəl (אָצַֽל, noble). 1. A son of Eleasah; a descendant of Jonathan, son of King Saul (1 Chron 8:37f.; 9:43f.).

2. An unknown place not far from Jerusalem according to ASV of Zechariah 14:5. KJV has AZAL; RSV THE SIDE OF IT. See Azal.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’atsel, "noble"):

(1) A descendant of King Saul, through Jonathan (1Ch 8:37 f; 9:43f).

(2) Azel, a’-zel, the King James Version Azal ’atsel; Asael; (Zec 14:5): A place not far from Jerusalem. There may be an echo of the name in that of Wady Yasal, to the right of `Ain el-Loz, in Wady en-Nar.