Asher, Aser

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ASHER, ASER (ăsh'êr, ă’sêr, happy). 1. The second son of Zilpah, the handmaid whom Laban gave to Leah his daughter and whom she gave to Jacob; named “Happy” by Leah in her happiness at his birth. He was born at Padan-Aram (in the plain of Mesopotamia) during Jacob’s service with Laban (Gen.30.13). We know little of his personal history except the names of his five children (Gen.46.17).

2. The tribe that descended from Asher (Josh.19.24-Josh.19.31). It was given the territory along the Mediterranean in the NW corner of Palestine, but failed to drive out the inhabitants of Sidon, Acco, and other Canaanite towns, and settled down to dwell among them. By David’s time Asher seems to have become insignificant, for this tribe is omitted in the list of David’s chief rulers (1Chr.27.16-1Chr.27.22).