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ARPHAXAD, ARPACHSHAD (ar-făk’săd, Heb. Arpachshad). Third son of Shem, c. 2479 b.c., the first birth recorded after the Flood. He lived 438 years and was the ancestor of the Hebrews and of many Arab tribes. In fact, all Semites descend from him except Arameans, Assyrians, Elamites, and Lydians, (Gen.10.22-Gen.11.13). The name is so far unknown outside the Bible.

ARPHAXAD. KJV, ASV form of Arpachshad.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) the King James Version form (Ge 10:22,24; 11:12,13; 1Ch 1:17) of the Revised Version (British and American) ARPACHSHAD, which see. See also TABLE OF NATIONS.

(2) In Apocrypha (Judith 1) a king of the Medes, who reigned in Ecbatana. He was defeated and slain by Nebuchadrezzar.