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ARMLET. An ornamental band circling the upper arm, as a bracelet would do on the lower arm or wrist. The Eng. word is used in the RSV but not in the KJV. Armlets were freely offered to provide for the tent of meeting (Exod 35:22). They were included in booty taken from the Midianites and offered to the Lord (Num 31:50). The youth who claimed he killed Saul brought the king’s armlet to David as evidence (2 Sam 1:10). This was prob. a more elaborate ornament suited to a king’s high station.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

arm’-let: The word translated "bracelet" in 2Sa 1:10 the King James Version, probably denotes an "armlet," or "arm-band," worn on the upper arm. But it is the same word which with a different context is rendered "ankle- chains" (in Nu 31:50 the Revised Version (British and American)). The "bracelet" of Sirach 21:21 the King James Version, worn upon the right arm, was an "armlet," as is seen from the list given of Judith’s ornaments: who "decked herself bravely with her armlets (the Revised Version (British and American) `chains’) and her bracelets, and her rings, and her ear-rings, and all her ornaments" (Judith 10:4). The nature of the ornaments given in the Revised Version (British and American) as "armlets," Ex 35:22; Nu 31:50, and in the King James Version as "tablets," is uncertain. For full and distinguishing, descriptions of "arm-lets," "anklets," "bracelets," etc., found in ancient graves, see PEFS, 1905, 318 ff. See also ORNAMENT.

George B. Eager

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