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ARKITE (ar'kīt)

A member of the clan of Ataroth in Ephraim (Josh.16.2). Hushai, David’s friend (1Chr.27.33), acted as his secret agent in the rebellion of Absalom, to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel (2Sam.15.32-2Sam.17.23). KJV, Archite.People of Arka, a Phoenician town a few miles NE of Tripoli, and near but not on the sea. The Arkites are named among the descendants of Canaan (Gen.10.17; 1Chr.1.15).

ARCHITE, ARCHITES är’ kīt, är’ kīts (אַרְכִּ֖י; KJV ARCHI). A clan mentioned in connection with the allotment of the descendants of Joseph (Josh 16:2). Its most famous member was Hushai, the adviser of David and later of Absalom (2 Sam 15:32; 16:16; 17:5, 14; 1 Chron 27:33). The Archites were located on the N border of Benjamin, at Ataroth-Addar.

ARKITE är’ kīt (עַרְקִ֖י). An inhabitant of the town of Arka, modern Tell ’Arqa, about twelve m. NE of Tripolis, Syria, and about four m. from the sea. Arkites are mentioned in the genealogy of Noah as descendants of Canaan (Gen 10:17; 1 Chron 1:15). Arka was taken by Tiglath-pileser III in 738 b.c. The Emperor Alexander Severus was born there, and it was later called Caesarea Libani. It is mentioned in Assyrian inscrs. under the name Irkatah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An inhabitant of the town of Arka, situated some ten or twelve miles Northeast of Tripoils, Syria, and about four miles from the shore of the sea. The Arkites are mentioned in Ge 10:17 and 1Ch 1:15 as being the descendants of Canaan, and they were undoubtedly of Phoenician stock. The place was not of much importance, but it is mentioned in the Assyrian inscriptions, under the name Irkatah and taken by Tiglathpileser III in 738 BC. Not being on the sea its trade was small and it probably belonged to Tripoli or Botrys originally. It was the birthplace of Alexander Severus, hence its Roman name, Caesarea Libani. Its site is marked by a high mound near the foothills of Lebanon.

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