ANIM (ā'nim, Heb. ‘ānîm). A city in the southern hill country of Judah (Josh.15.50), probably the ruins of el-Ghuwein, south of Eshtemoa.

ANIM ā’ nĭm (עָנִֽים, springs). A city in the hill country of Judah, referred to immediately after Eshtemoh in Joshua 15:50. It prob. may be identified with modern Khirbet Ghuwein et-Tahta, eleven m. S of Hebron. It is mentioned in the Amarna letters as Hawini.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities of the hill country of Judah mentioned immediately after Eshtemoa (Jos 15:50). It is probably represented by the double ruin of el Ghuwein situated South of es Semu`a. The surface remains are Byzantine--a Christian town called Anem was here in the 4th century, but it is clearly an ancient site of importance (PEF, III, 408, Sh, XXV).